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One Fell Swoop

June 23
Model walking and being photographed in the full sunlight against a white wall wearing a black pant and black winter jacket with white shirt and heels

“All my pretty ones? Did you say all? O hell-kite! All? What, all my pretty chickens and their dam at one fell swoop?”

– Shakespeare Hamlet

Photo of a model standing against a white wall with head tilted towards the sun in a multi coloured dress and bare arms and legs

Photographer: Sanny Chong MUA: Bev Wood Model: Erin Hannah Production: Jacqui Brown for The Studio



What is the philosophy behind your label?


To make clothes that are feminine and desirable.

We focus on wear-ability and tailoring, and aim to create garments that fall effortlessly around the body. We love Western Australia; its attitude, its culture and its landscapes. We just try to embody our beautiful lifestyle into a beautiful garment.


What is the inspiration behind your label?


Shakespeare used the imagery of a hunting bird’s ‘fell swoop’ to indicate the ruthless and deadly attack by Macbeth’s agents. This old world and savage definition of the phrase, being rapid and fierce action, defines One Fell Swoop. Justifying our belief in the idea that beauty is often born from tragedy.

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Backstage at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2015 … with Serpent and the Swan

April 30
Model standing, ready and waiting backstage at Serpent and the Swan

… inspired by a shared childhood love of the animal kingdom and a somewhat dark and morbid fascination with the anatomy of creatures and their mystical incarnations.

Three models at Serpent and the Swan backstage before the show

Runway Ready.

During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this year, I was privileged to be able to interview some of Australia’s most iconic designers. These interviews will make up a series of articles which will appear on the Label Ministry website in an effort to bring awareness, greater popularity and support to people who year in, year out, dedicate their creative minds and talents to the Australian fashion industry.

This weeks expose is Serpent and the Swan, a Sydney label which has now maintained a strong following and significant foothold within our industry since 2009.

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Australian Fashion Industry, Commentary, Interview, MBFW

Stevie May

April 30
Two models sitting on a table before the show at Stevie May


I have a lot in common with Stevie. We’re both relaxed in our styling but we’re also conscious of elements like form and texture. I love the idea of being friends with Stevie. She’s a cool chick!

One of the most exciting things about attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this year was the opportunity I had to interview the designer behind Stevie May, Cassie Vecchione.

Cassie who lives in Byron Bay, travelled to Sydney to unveil her first collection for the label, Stevie May admist the hype of fashion week.

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MBFW 2015 Serpent & The Swan, Stevie May, Watson X Watson

April 22
Model standing being photographed for Serpent and the Swan


From the editor’s desk …

Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.  Gianni Versace

Well, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia has drawn to a close!

Label Ministry interviewed many wonderful designers across the week at Carriageworks in Sydney’s Everleigh. These will be on the website very soon.

Here is a little peep at who you can expect to see showcased in the upcoming interviews which will include fantastic runway coverage and an intimate discussion with the designers themselves.

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April 11


Zingiber was involved in a group showcase as part of New York Fashion Week in September, which, along with multiple shows on home soil, captured attention both in Australia and overseas. Making connections will always be an ongoing, ever-evolving process.

It’s an exciting time indeed in Australian fashion right now.  As an all time lover of fashion, and a total devotee of Australian fashion designers, nobody is more excited about the industry spectacle that Sydney is about to embrace. Yes, it’s that time of year again. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2015.

I will be sitting front row in many shows across this jam packed week, and I have no doubt I will witness the unveiling of many new iconic labels. This years event will boast no less than 47 collection shows and the showcasing of 70 of Australia’s leading and emerging designers. Special events, industry seminars, and a networking glitz and glamour gala awaits for industry insiders.

One of Perth’s acclaimed swimwear designers, Zingiber, is showcasing in the middle of fashion week this year in the runway event simply called ‘Swim’.

The designer behind the label, Nicola Spicer is one of six designers showcasing in what is sure to be a hot bed of talent for those competing to have their collections and names recognised in the global swimwear market.

We caught up with Zingiber before the Sydney event to find out more about her label.

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