Chisato Chris Arai


Model with an open shirt modelling with the beach behind her with clear blue sky

MUA Chisato Chris Arai. Photography by Karlstrom Creatives.


I am really excited to bring you this interview with Chisato Chris Arai, a Japanese makeup artist who is based in Sydney.

Chisato travels far and wide with her work, namely New York, Paris and Milan fashion weeks every year in addition to her local work in and around Sydney.

With a background in fine arts and formal training for hair and makeup from Hollywood, her phenomenal talent is highly sort after and it is not hard to see why. She has loved makeup since she was young and her work was literally born of a childhood dream. Enormously passionate about her career, she says she will live and breathe it forever!

Her current work revolves around many diverse projects which include editorials, commercials, film and fashion runways.

I asked her about her opinion of the our local industry.

I believe we have the best creatives in the world. Do you agree?

Absolutely! I agree with you!! That’s why I live here!!!

We have a very young, diverse and growing local industry and it is always inspiring to work with likeminded creatives.

Read the full interview.

Enjoy xx

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