Zoe van Zanten

Model in white with aqua shoes and clutch standing in model shoot

Model. Caris Tiivel of Chadwicks. Photographer. Jeremy Choh. HMUA. Janelle Han. Stylng. Zoe van Zanten.


Zoe Van Zanten, from the House of Zanten, is a Perth stylist.

She believes as I do that Perth is a fashion hot spot.

Zoe says “there is a wealth of creative talent in Perth, from designers through to photographers and models. What makes Perth a fashion hot spot is that it doesn’t have a ‘style’ like corporate Melbourne, or hipster Sydney, there are all types here of all different fashion styles”.

I asked Zoe what she thought about our new world, and the prevalence of fashion bloggers.

I’m torn on fashion bloggers, there are the amazing ones and then there are thousands of bloggers who all look the same and just do it for free products and event invitations. Taking photos in your backyard of what you’re wearing just doesn’t cut it anymore. To be a relevant blogger in today’s saturated blogger world you need to have a point of difference.

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