Elle Giles


Beautiful fair skinned girl with silk bandanna and red lipstick.

Styling by EatFashion.NotCake. Elle Giles.


Elle Giles is the name behind the fashion blog Eat Fashion.Not Cake.

From Western Australia, she lives and works in the oasis of Australian fashion talent, and where funding for the fashion designer is a wonderful reality.

I asked her one of the questions that has been burning a hole in my fashionista head for some time now…

What do you feel the fashion industry fails to offer the fashion designers, creatives, and bloggers in this country?

I often feel that in this day and age, and especially in Western Australia (more so than the eastern states) everyone is looking for something for free. Where on the one hand it’s great to have emerging talents and creatives helping each other out on projects, etc. When it comes to more established brands and businesses that want a high degree of quality in their work (whether it be advertising, campaigns, lookbooks, etc.) they seem to be less and less willing to pay for this quality. It’s a vicious cycle putting pressure on everybody in the industry in turn and definitely not just in my opinion but for many of the creatives (models, photographers, designers, makeup artists, stylists, etc.) I work with on a daily basis.

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Enjoy xx

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