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Karlstrom Creatives

November 8
Picture of a girl in black and white with large round sunglasses and long brown hair.
Model with blue hair standing in colourful skirt and top with high heeled white shoes for a campaign shoot.

Karlstrom Creatives | Photography | Peter Karlstrom | Stylist | Leigh Karlstrom



The passion and love comes from creating something that is yours. We see what we do as a story and the characters just come to life.

Petter Karlstrom


One of my most favourite topics within the realm of Australian fashion is the creative team. We often take for granted the contribution that these teams make to the success of independent designers, important events, and the general gorgeous hype that our industry rocks. No other creative team is more deserving of this kudos which is the topic of my latest editorial.

Who are they? Karlstrom Creatives.

I absolutely love the work of Petter and Leigh Karlstrom.

They have reached, what I consider to be, the pinnacle of creative prowess.

Petter and Leigh Karlstrom are the dynamic duo. Quite literally. Petter is the photographer,  Leigh the stylist.

I first discovered their work when I interviewed the amazing Chisato Chris Arai, another creative genius. Definitely one of Australia’s most coveted makeup artists. If you have not discovered Chris Arai yet, do yourself the pleasure of checking out her work. Just navigate through the menu to her article. Truly inspiring.

But back to the Karlstrom duo. Their work is fresh, inspiring, different, engaging, and pure creativity. It is the epitome of imagination and fantasy, and I love it!

I can’t sing the praises of these people enough. I know, I know. You think I say that about everyone I interview. Well I do try to sing everybody’s praises. That’s true. But it is never undeserved, as I am blessed to be granted interviews with the very coolest of people!

Every now and again, you come across people and talent that is truly special. And this article is about these human gemstones.

Petter told me, “the streets inspire us. Characters and spaces. I usually get an idea from being at a cool location and then the rest just comes naturally”.

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MBFW 2015 Serpent & The Swan, Stevie May, Watson X Watson

April 22
Model standing being photographed for Serpent and the Swan


From the editor’s desk …

Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.  Gianni Versace

Well, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia has drawn to a close!

Label Ministry interviewed many wonderful designers across the week at Carriageworks in Sydney’s Everleigh. These will be on the website very soon.

Here is a little peep at who you can expect to see showcased in the upcoming interviews which will include fantastic runway coverage and an intimate discussion with the designers themselves.

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April 11


Zingiber was involved in a group showcase as part of New York Fashion Week in September, which, along with multiple shows on home soil, captured attention both in Australia and overseas. Making connections will always be an ongoing, ever-evolving process.

It’s an exciting time indeed in Australian fashion right now.  As an all time lover of fashion, and a total devotee of Australian fashion designers, nobody is more excited about the industry spectacle that Sydney is about to embrace. Yes, it’s that time of year again. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2015.

I will be sitting front row in many shows across this jam packed week, and I have no doubt I will witness the unveiling of many new iconic labels. This years event will boast no less than 47 collection shows and the showcasing of 70 of Australia’s leading and emerging designers. Special events, industry seminars, and a networking glitz and glamour gala awaits for industry insiders.

One of Perth’s acclaimed swimwear designers, Zingiber, is showcasing in the middle of fashion week this year in the runway event simply called ‘Swim’.

The designer behind the label, Nicola Spicer is one of six designers showcasing in what is sure to be a hot bed of talent for those competing to have their collections and names recognised in the global swimwear market.

We caught up with Zingiber before the Sydney event to find out more about her label.

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