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Dream the Miracle

November 14
Picture of Barbara Callan standing outside in nature in a black and white geometric designed sleeveless dress.


This journey of self responsibility begins with the understanding that everything – without exception – that is in our lives and our experience is our own creation.

Barbara Callan


Picture of Barbara Callan standing outside in nature in a black and white geometric designed sleeveless dress.


Every now and again, I write an editorial piece which steers away slightly from the focus of fashion.

Our lives are so full of work, business, family, networking and goal setting that I thought it would be helpful to introduce my audience to someone who has made coaching ‘her life’.

Barbara Callan is an intuitive consultant whose work is becoming more and more known.

She is someone who understands the intrinsic details of working with energy. She believes we are all “energy first and physical second”.

Of course, traditional life and business coaching is something we have all been aware of, and had access to, for quite some time. The idea of placing our goals in plain sight via the vehicle of consistent and accountable coaching, is a perfectly common sense idea.

Slightly different however, is that Barbara encourages people to take responsibility for their own lives to expand themselves energetically, to understand the importance of meditation, and to maintain vigilant awareness of being in the moment, to move closer to our dream life.

I sat down with Barbara to ask her some questions that were on my mind.

Enjoy xx



How would you describe “energy”?


Energy is the living force or frequency that surrounds all living things. It has been successfully photographed using Kirlian photography, described as “a technique for recording photographic images of corona discharges and hence the auras of living creatures.” When we work at the energetic level we can effect changes at the physical level which is really cool. Our thoughts and feelings affect our energy field, which in turn affects our body.


Infrared pictures of two hands showing an energy field.



As an Intuitive Consultant how do you hope to help people in their lives?


I have the ability to tune in to someone’s energy field and to feel what is going on in their lives. I can see and experience blocks that people may be experiencing which are stopping them moving forward. Together we work to remove these and understand them so that they do not reappear. I provide inspiration, clarity and direction. I work by distance with clients all over the world, as energy is not bound by time and space.

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