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Master and Mentor

November 7
Sophie Drysdale, Nicholas Huxley, Alex Zehntner, and Laura Washington from Fashion Design Studio, Ultimo.

Last week on a beautiful sunny day in Sydney I met with one of Australia’s most iconic fashion figures.

Retired, happy, busy and ever outspoken, Nicholas Huxley boasts what could be, not only one of the longest careers in the industry, but one whose influence has rippled out further than most.

Nicholas Huxley calls a spade a spade.

Ask him what he thinks about the Australian fashion industry and he’ll tell you. Straight.

He’s not one of the air-kissers.

He’s real.

Honest. Offensive at times in his truth. The driver of change with his honesty. The holder of hearts with his passion. Most importantly, a modern icon because he wrote his story, his way. You have to admire someone, anyone, who holds their truth and delivers it in the face of adversity especially during an era of struggle.

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Akira Isogawa

December 14


“A garment can transcend, giving it a soul.

I translate fabrics into soft and romantic silhouettes, using natural fabrics like silks and cottons, which are kind to the skin.

Distressing fabrics and alchemically treating them, gives the feeling of already ‘being loved’, thus evoking emotion. Even one-off fabrics found in flea markets can be given new life.

Richly embellished fabrics echo Eastern influences, and I have great respect for their traditions. Inspiration can be found from the past – re-using vintage textiles and sometimes creating replicas of them, incorporated with specific craftsmanship.

The number of hours someone has spent on manual work like this makes it priceless.

I see craftsmanship as an implement with which to realise one’s vision. Past, present and future; that slogan continues in almost everything around which my work evolves. Timeless beauty and femininity in my design is profound, in a way for the wearer to express their inner soul.”

Akira Isogawa

Akira Isogawa | Spring Summer 2017

Akira Isogawa | Spring Summer 2017


This week I was blessed. Truly blessed.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Akira Isogawa, one of Australia’s most loved and iconic fashion designers. I can’t tell you how exciting this was for me. As a younger woman, some moons ago, ok, many moons ago, I used to ooooh and aaaah over the most exquisite fabrics reminiscent of liquid silk, colours that adorned only my imagination, and garments so beautiful I was sometimes left breathless. For the many moons which have passed since, Akira has continued as the master that he is, creating one collection after another, with the same, if not a greater level of beauty and craftsmanship.

To me this man is a legend.

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