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An Hour with … Hanna Marie

June 12

We all need to realise that making it in the fashion industry isn’t easy for anyone, and we should support each other as we go on our own individual journeys. If everyone was super supportive of each other, imagine what we could all achieve!


Hanna Marie, Sydney model being photographed outside in desert style photograph with blue sky behind

Photographer: Tannar Eacott Hair: Peachies Hair MUA: Beth Murphy Stylist: Spinal Style


Who are the people within your industry that inspire you and that you admire?


People like Steph Claire Smith and Mimi Elashiry are my biggest role models because they are both highly successful in their own fields. Even though they may not have reached the ‘supermodel’ status, they are making a strong name for themselves within their circle.


As a young woman, what do you think of today’s street fashion?


Today’s street fashion is so different than previous years/trends. Because its winter, it seems like a lot of people are sticking with shades of cool and playing it safe. I would prefer to see a few more risks!

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