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Lady like Leopard

May 26
Picture of The Lady like Leopard blogger


Less is more – always. But let’s make this clear: I don’t mean less clothing…

and, as Karl Lagerfeld said, “If you’re not willing to have an ongoing dialogue with fashion, get another job.”



Bloggers: The Prep Guy and The Lady Like Leopard sitting at the House of Mackage show in Canada

The Prep Guy and The Lady like Leopard at the House of Mackage show in Canada


What is the philosophy behind your work?


Everything and anything fashion! With my blog The Lady-like Leopard I hope to bring people together through fashion and give people an inside perspective to what the fashion industry is all about.


What is the inspiration behind your work?


I first studied fashion design in Canada and then journalism at Macley College in Sydney. I wanted to combine my two areas of study and so starting a fashion blog seemed like a natural thing to do. Well, that and I’ve been obsessed with working for a fashion magazine since I was a kid so this is like my own little magazine.


Who are the people from whom you take inspiration and whom do you most admire within your industry?


I admire anyone who is willing to put in endless hours of hard work to achieve their goals and dreams. I’ve met people who start a fashion blog and then quit because it’s “too much work”. You have to be prepared for that. I love the photos that Sydney Fashion Blogger takes and JetSet Justine’s style.

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