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Gotta Love Women

March 2
Model Irina Shayk in black dress and glasses with long dark hair.

From the editor’s desk …


I’m sure some women DO shop because they actually need clothes, shoes and bags … I just don’t know any of them.


As a long time lover of designer fashion, and a stylist of many years, I have been thinking a great deal lately about being a woman.

As a woman I love being able to enjoy gorgeous designer labels, makeup, perfume and all the lovely things that are so readily available. I take enjoyment from such things every day.

This started me thinking a lot about the various roles that we have as women and I noted just a few.

We are mothers, friends, wives, girlfriends, mentors, colleagues, nurses, cooks, ironing ladies, confidantes, step parents, counsellors, sports coaches, taxi drivers, stylists, decorators, gardeners, CEOs, marketing directors, volunteers, and ambassadors.

Often we are all of these things in one day. I know I have been, sometimes 365 days in a row.

Women have so many varied roles to play in their lives. No wonder we often feel pulled in many directions and struggle to get it all done.

I thought I would share some information from a group of women I know about WHY women shop.

It will make you laugh.

I certainly found myself in this list.  Maybe you will too …

Women Shop because

They are premenstrual.
They have their period.
They are turning 50.
They are turning 40.
Their husband is turning 50.
They found a grey hair.
Their husband is turning grey.
They dented the car.
They need glasses to read texts.
Their husband lot his job.
They found out their child is gay.
They found out their partner is gay.
It is the first day of the school holidays.
Their mother is here from London to stay for a month.
It is the last day of the school holidays.
They are having a fat day.
They are expecting a baby that wasn’t planned.
They just ate a cake in the middle of their diet.
Their mammogram appointment is tomorrow.
Their husband just bought a chainsaw when you are desperate for a holiday?

Sound familiar?

The wonderful sisterhood. Yep, gotta love us.

mwah x

Until next time,

Jade xx

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