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MBFW 2015 Serpent & The Swan, Stevie May, Watson X Watson

April 22
Model standing being photographed for Serpent and the Swan


From the editor’s desk …

Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.  Gianni Versace

Well, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia has drawn to a close!

Label Ministry interviewed many wonderful designers across the week at Carriageworks in Sydney’s Everleigh. These will be on the website very soon.

Here is a little peep at who you can expect to see showcased in the upcoming interviews which will include fantastic runway coverage and an intimate discussion with the designers themselves.

Serpent and the Swan, Watson X Watson, We are Handsome, and Stevie May just to name a few!


Model backstage at Serpent and the Swan

Backstage at Serpent and the Swan



Lauri & Hayley Smith of Serpent and the Swan

The Sister Designer Team of Serpent and The Swan – Lauri and Hayley Smith


Two models waiting backstage at Watson X Watson

Backstage at Watson X Watson


Model waiting backstage at Watson X Watson

Organised chaos backstage at Watson X Watson


Two models standing in the Stevie May runway installation

Runway Installation for Stevie May


Two models standing in the Stevie May runway installation

Stevie May MBFWA 2015




One of the great surprises of this fabulous, action packed week was that I was interviewed this year. Very exciting! 

After many challenging years and the demise of some great labels across the industry in recent times, this year I felt a new energy and a tangible, emergent excitement!

Anyone who knows me is aware of my passion and devotion to the Australian industry, its designers and creatives at large.

Of course, I have a great love of all fashion, globally.  I am firmly of the belief however, that we have a serious, hot bed of talent in this country. Our uniqueness and mastery on the world stage is now recognized, sought after and appreciated.

An event such as this, is one where people live and breathe their love of the industry. Long, laborious hours of designing, creating, collaborating, planning and organising are necessary to create the masterpieces that walk these runways.

I was so proud to watch our home grown talent up in lights and applauded by the Australian industry professionals this past week.

Can’t wait until 2016!

Jade xx

Label Ministry logo which is a picture of a stylised coathanger

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