We Are


Label Ministry is dedicated to the exposure and support of all Australian fashion designers and creative teams.

We are representative of all designers, but particularly emerging. Our wish is that from this platform, we will be able to highlight the issues which are causing the collapse of our once glorious fashion industry. We are also passionate about, and dedicated to the support of all fashion creative teams so that they too are fairly acknowledged and credited for their contribution.

Through the publishing of articles and collaborations with designers, creatives, editorial contributors, and guest bloggers we strive to provide support, discussion, exposure and most importantly change to the industry.

We wish to see Australian designers stay in business.

We wish to see Australian fashion creative teams be credited for their tireless contribution.

We wish to see inclusion, generosity, and change.

We wish to see Australian designers on the international stage again.

We wish to celebrate all Australian fashion designers, emerging and established.

We wish to see them back on the Runway.

We wish to share who they are, the names of their labels, and where we can buy them.

We wish to see them profit, excel and conquer on a world scale.

We wish to be their voice.

Welcome to our Fashion Revolution.

We are still young but you will never find passion like ours.

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Coat Hanger Logo done in black on white in the style of chinese calligraphy and paint brushing style with the words Label Ministry placed in capital letters below it.